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Our Story


Hello lovely people. My name is Sandie and I am the accidental illustrator that created

The Painted Card.

I have always been a creative soul, and loved to draw as a child. As an adult, I would occasionally pick up a pencil and have a go again, but I always gave up pretty sharpish because it was obvious to me that i wasn’t very good! I would then return to my other creative loves of sewing or baking, of which I had mastered over the years.
This part of my journey started in August 2015, when Dad lost his 3 year battle with a brain tumor. As a family, and as hard as it is to admit, we all felt a huge wave of relief that Dad was not suffering any more. What I was not expecting in the months that followed, were the overwhelming feelings of guilt and sorrow that I could not escape from, or the very dark place that I found myself.

Early in 2016, whilst having a clear out at home, I found a battered old tin of watercolours. Don’t ask me why, but from the moment I found them, I felt a need to use them. Initially of course, I was terrible, but I honestly didn’t care. I didn’t question or fight the way I felt, I just doodled my way through the following days and weeks, immersing myself whenever I could. My rather odd looking drawings soon became odd looking painted pictures, and they all ended up in either a little box or in the bin.  Within a few weeks the box was full, and being the creative person I am, I cut some out and stuck them onto the front of blank greeting cards. Initially I simple added a printed ‘Happy Birthday’ or ‘Anniversary’ message onto the front, but it wasn’t long before i started to write some positive words of encouragement or understanding on them. Friends started to see the cards and asked if they could buy them. As they bought them, I created more, and more and more …

The Painted Card made its official debut at a Flower Show in May 2016. Held at the Lincolnshire Showground, we were located within a rather dark old cattle shed. One side of our stall was crammed full of lovely vintage bits and bobs, and the other side sat a selection of my hand painted cards and pictures. What happened that weekend changed my life and gave me a reason to continue on this creative journey. Not only did I start to sell my cards and pictures, but I was connecting with people in the most beautiful way. I talked and cried with people who were a little bit broken or sad just like myself, people who saw something special in the things I had created. It was that weekend that I believe I found my purpose, my True North as they say, and it was then that the healing and magic really began…